The Folktellers Universe

More that fifteen years ago, I set a course for the unknown.

I had a vision, a dream of a fantasy universe for kids and adults alike, where stories were the main source of power. This mythical world looked a lot like ours, except for the fact that folklore and legends were real, and came alive in a variety of incredible, and often terrifying forms.

In my mind, this universe would not launch from just a single medium, but unfold across a transmedia platform, where a global audience could experience the power of stories in myriad different ways.

My brain…

The sun has set, and the cool night air brings a chill to the dark woods — the perfect time for a well-told tale.

Now, every business, in every country, around the globe is being called back to the campfire to craft a new story for how the world will work.

What started out as a pivot to address a global crisis has resulted in a complete shift in the mindset of how we work as human beings. The change is immense, rapid, and already upon us.


Peter Thomson of the Future Work Forum argues…

Album Art for Folktellers The Story of Us All

We never set out to make music for a TV Series, we were after something different.

Our goals were lofty from the start.

In fact, you might have even scoffed, laughed, or dismissed what we were doing as the wasted efforts of a few unheard voices crying in the wilderness. No one would know, and no one would care.

But we went ahead and did it anyway.

What started out as a creative effort to explore the storytelling boundaries of music and art became something quite different, something deeper, richer, and more meaningful than any of us could have imagined.

Josef Bastian

Josef Bastian is an author, human performance practitioner and often an odd duck.

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